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Self hosting

Hosted demo

We are hosting a demo at

Running the app itself

To run it jourself, create a new directory for the data and open a terminal in that window. Now you can run our docker container and files will be placed inside. Of course you can use any method of starting containers as long as you mount a volume and expose port 3000.

docker run \
        --rm \
        -p \
        --platform linux/amd64 \
        --name os-aps-demo \
        --volume "$(pwd):/data" \
        --env LOCAL_STORAGE_PATH=/data/manuscripts \
        --env INSTANCE_TITLE="Personal demo instance" \

Once the server has started, point your browser to http://localhost:3000.

Customizing templates

If you add --env TEMPLATE_SOURCE=/data/templates \ to your run command and then create a templates directory and place a template inside, you can also customize the templates directly. Templates are evaluated at export time, so you can open the template directory in a local text editor and then just refresh your export to see changes reflected.

Development setup

If you want to change more than just a template (e.g. change how the output is rendered) please take a look at the dev setup